Dare to Write? Atlas

Joanna Nissel

Today, creative writing incubator Paper Nations launches the Dare to Write? Atlas, the latest portal on their creative writing platform, Dare to Write?. The Atlas is designed to help writers to connect to their writing community in the UK by enabling them to discover the brilliant editors, publishers, writers, bookshops, festivals, organisations, and events (and… Read more »

Screenshots: A Place Called Ormalcy

Simon Groth

Screenshots is a regular feature by Simon Groth, highlighting a project, app, or other resource of interest. A Place Called Ormalcy by Mez Breeze Meet Mr Ormal, a happy-go-lucky law-abiding citizen of Ormalcy, a Utopian world full of contented creatures and happy citizens. Happy, happy citizens. Right from the beginning, something is off in A… Read more »


Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney

This is an abridged version of a keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019 With the increasing convergence between creative industries and artificial intelligence, there is an emerging misunderstanding of how the tech world sees creativity, and this is important for publishers, authors and the broader creative industries. To frame this, it is important… Read more »


Please touch this…

Yiota Demetriou

  This article has been adapted from a talk delivered at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol (26/10/18), as part of the Friday lunchtime open talk series. This book was written in an urge to remember, reflect, mourn, overthink, celebrate, and seek meaning in the transparent, or otherwise irrational dynamics of human relationships; while extending… Read more »