Screenshots: All the Delicate Duplicates

Simon Groth

Screenshots is a regular feature by Simon Groth, highlighting a project, app, or other resource of interest. All the Delicate Duplicates By Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell Can a first-person gaming environment be used to tell a story? Of course! But, typically in experiences of this type, the balance between story and game falls heavily… Read more »


Introducing the Poetry Map

Matt Bryden

Origins The Poetry Map has its origins in a feature on Facebook’s homepage by which users could list countries they had visited and see these appear as pins on a map. While this was a good way of ‘showing off’, it also got me thinking about the places I had lived in the course of… Read more »

The Hidden Systems of Academic Writing – 6 Findings from Research

Chris Smith

We’ve been working with The London School of Economics’ Impact blog to explain the findings of our user research into academic writing. Over January and February this year, we interviewed 23 scholars across the world to help us get a better understanding of how they write — the practices they adopt, the processes they use and the… Read more »


New Media Writing Prize: the First Eight Years

James Pope

  Beginnings and developments In 2010 when we began this adventure into new forms of writing, we had no real idea what we would receive as entries. A colleague of mine, Sue Luminati, was creating the first (and as it turned out, only) Poole Literary Festival. Sue pulled off a great success with some terrific… Read more »