New Beginnings: The Writing Platform Issue a Call for Articles

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The Writing Platform launched four years ago as a website and programme of live events dedicated to arming writers with digital knowledge. Set up by The Literary Platform and Kate Pullinger with initial support from Arts Council England, its current sponsors are Bath Spa University and Queensland University of Technology.

The Writing Platform is now well established as an international site for the exchange of ideas about writing, writers, and technology, commissioning articles about projects that are at the forefront of the digital transformation of the writing industry.

From 1 April, 2016, The Writing Platform commissioning baton will pass from The Literary Platform to its sponsors, Bath Spa University and Queensland University of Technology, under the editorial leadership of Donna Hancox (QUT) and Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa). The two universities will also build on the projects surrounding The Writing Platform, including a new bursary competition for writers and technologists. As well as that a special issue of a peer-reviewed academic journal will launch with a Call for Papers in 2017.

To mark this new beginning, we’d like to issue a Call for articles. Do you have a project that combines writing and technology? Are you a publisher, a writer, a web developer, a creative technologist, or a designer working with digital text and reading? While we don’t pay for articles that promote commercial projects, we have a small commissioning fund for original articles that focus on opinion or experience.

Please send us a 50 word summary of what you’d like to write for to hello [at] thewritingplatform [dot] com

4 Responses to “New Beginnings: The Writing Platform Issue a Call for Articles”

  1. Simon Higgins

    English born Australian author living in China, working as creative foreign expert. Just collaborated to produce my first Visual Novel. Details on my website and Facebook page, which is linked to the site. Would love to write you an article about the work and its creation process. Happy to donate any fee backatacha to support what you do. 🙂 Warmest wishes.

  2. Peter Aiello

    The Writing Platform

    Hello, my name is Peter and I am a designer and developer. I would like to submit a project for an article, after viewing the call for submissions on the writing platform website. The software is basically my final year design project as part of the BA Design program at Goldsmiths, University of London:

    The Forgetful Typewriter project is a writing and technology project. It is a text editor with animated interactions (words falling and fading) sometimes based on patterns and data. The article would discuss creative and therapeutic user experiences and promote the project for writers to use the software and design and code their own experiences.

    Project website here:

    Personal website here:

    Many thanks and best,


  3. Bronwin

    Is this call still open? If so, is there a deadline for applications?


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