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Do you dream of electric sheep? Do you see a future where connectivity breeds harmony?

The Editors of The Writing Platform would like to invite submissions for articles on the subject of ‘digital utopias’.

Given the volatile political climate around the world (not exactly a new thing, but something that appears to have intensified somewhat this year), we think it is time to revisit our hopes and dreams for the digital future.

These articles may take a variety of shapes, from manifestos and creeds to short essays or think pieces. They might be individual responses or a collaborative effort; for example, a response from a class of students, a business, a reading group or a research project. You might write about a developing technology or something so new no one has thought of it before.

Word count from 25 to 2500 words, please submit your ideas or abstracts to hello at before 31 March, 2017.

We have a small commissioning budget for all published articles.

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