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The Benefits Of Crowdfunding For Authors

Crowdfunding enables entrepreneurs and business savvy creatives to launch their projects or ideas with the help of financial backing from the crowd. Though crowdfunding is a relatively new concept, the industry is growing rapidly. According to crowdfunding trends and statistics presented by Crowd Mapped, crowdfunding raised $5.1 billion at the close of 2013, up from $2.66… Read more »

Vlogging for Writers

Leena, book reviewer, video maker and executive at publishing house, Icon Books, shares her top tips on vlogging for writers. Leena set up her YouTube channel, JustKissMyFrog, four years ago and now has over 18,000 subscribers. What this woman doesn’t know about talking about books on YouTube isn’t worth knowing. In this video Leena covers:… Read more »

How To Storybird

Molly O'Neill

Storybird is a publishing platform and community based around visual storytelling. We curate illustrations from artists around the world and let anyone use them as the inspiration for original picture books, poems, or long-form, serialized stories. This simple premise inspires a constant loop of creation, consumption, and conversation for the millions of kids and creatives… Read more »

7 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

The book publishing industry is going through a huge transition. It’s easier than ever to get a book out into the world. All the resources you need to publish a book are available you and you no longer need to go through the traditional gatekeepers (publishers) to publish a quality book. Because it’s so easy… Read more »

5 Examples of Transmedia Storytelling and Activism

Donna Hancox

At the start of the year our Australian Project Editor, Donna Hancox, wrote a piece for us on Transmedia Storytelling and Social Change; describing how digital technology has provided certain communities and activists with the means to quickly create and widely disseminate stories. To follow on from this she has written up 5 examples of this… Read more »

Handy Tools for Writers

The Writing Platform team has compiled a list of handy tools available to writers online. The list includes tools to help with everything from planning and collaborating to building interactive and multimedia stories and publishing and selling your work. To view the list follow this link: Online Tools for Writers We’re keen to hear about the… Read more »

Immersive Writing Lab Series #5: Memories, Rituals and Emotional States

If you’re a writer interested in finding out more about immersive entertainment – discovering how your audiences can be immersed and play an active part in your story – then we have a great series of specialist immersive writing guides made available to The Writing Platform by Portal Entertainment and the Immersive Writing Lab team. The guides, created by… Read more »

A Brief Introduction to Film Poetry

Firstly, what are poetry films? One thing they are not (although they can be) is films of people reading or reciting poetry. Confused? Even the name of the genre is disputed. Poetry films appear under different guises as ‘poetryfilms’, ‘filmpoems, ‘video poems’, ‘multimedia poetry’, ‘e-poetry’ and ‘screen poetry’. Broadly speaking they are a combining of poetry/words,… Read more »