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From our launch in 2013, The Writing Platform has published hundreds of articles on digital innovation in storytelling from around the world. We have featured articles on everything from augmented reality storybooks for children to immersive theatre and from re-imagined books to experiments with virtual reality and binaural audio. We have published interviews with leading thinkers and writers in the field and shared snippets of digital storytelling projects through our Screenshots series. 

Since we started, everything has changed. There have been new technologies, innovations, platforms and new ways of telling stories. For many of us, most aspects of our lives are now online.

For 2021, we want to take a deeper look at digital storytelling and focus on a different theme every few months. We are excited about the rapid pace of innovation and want to take you with us as we dive into ways of telling stories to look at our rapidly changing digital world. 

Through open submissions, we have been looking for artists, writers, researchers, technologists and creators who want to share their stories, projects, new ways of thinking, research and ideas. Our editors have been guided by an interest in experimentation, personalisation and playfulness and we are excited by what we have found. 

Our first theme will be audio storytelling and articles over the next few months will include locative storytelling from Poland, how immersive audio experiences can help people with Parkinson’s disease, how voice technology can be used to tell stories for children, a look at adaptive podcasts and experiences of sonic alienation. 

Our next theme will be activism and social change through storytelling so get in touch if you’d like to contribute. 

– The Writing Platform editors 

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