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Generation Loss (after Alvin Lucier)
By Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton is an experimental poet, performer, and musician. Shortlisted for the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards, Generation Lossdraws inspiration from Alvin Lucier’s I am sitting in a room, in which speech is recorded, played back and recorded again until the iterations become unrecognisable.

Rather than tapes, Burton uses digital artefacts and glitch art to present a series of short texts and accompanying soundtrack that become increasingly compressed into blocks of pixels and noise. A fascinating meditation on preservation and repetition in the digital age, it is worth the time to read, both with sound on and off.

Generation Loss is published by Cordite Poetry Review.

Simon Groth is a writer and editor whose works include Infinite Blue (with Darren Groth) and Hunted Down and Other Tales (with Marcus Clarke). With if:book Australia, Simon created a series of award-winning experimental works including the 24-Hour Book, live writing events at writers festivals around the world, and works of literary remix.

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