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Gothic Body
by Eda Gunaydin

Published to the web by Australian literary journal Voiceworks, Gothic Body is divided into two parts. The first concerns itself with guilt and the author’s relationship with her mother, as well as the impact of that relationship on her body. The second part takes a wider view of the casual racism that infects everyday interactions in Australian life.

The piece consists of a series of images—family snapshots and scraps of handwritten messages—with accompanying text appearing on mouse over. It’s a simple application of technology that nevertheless creates a powerful effect, linking text and images inextricably and demanding the reader engage with both.

And with these elements, Gunaydin constructs a remarkable work of memoir so honest and unflinching, it has moments of real discomfort. The effect is like being given access to an intimate family album, images and thoughts that weren’t meant to be made public.

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