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Our Cupidity Coda

by Mez Breeze

To read through the text of this VR poem by Mez Breeze takes only minutes, but it would be a mistake to think of this work as slight or even brief. Our Cupidity Coda is deceptively simple, using the VR environment as an extension of a text that already carries heavy emotional resonance charting the course of a relationship from spellbound beginning to bittersweet end. The imagery experienced early in the piece gives away to arresting majesty and even moments of fear.

Press Image for “Our Cupidity Coda”: VR Literature

Created in and intended to be experienced as VR, this piece avoids the pitfalls of its technology. It emphasises emotional and intellectual immersion over the pure sensory experience and rewards multiple viewings. It was recently shortlisted for the QUT Digital Literature Award.

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