5 days, 2 lives, 1 writing challenge…

Chris Smith, Write Track

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…Your chance to test the Write Track 5 day challenge

Write TrackAt Write Track we use persuasive technology to encourage writers to write more regularly – and become more productive. Something we’ve written about before for this website.

Today, we’re inviting Writing Platform readers to test out our new free 5-day writing kickstart – a writing challenge we’ve designed around the principles of behaviour change and the science of habit-forming products.

The product’s at a very early stage – so advance apologies for any small bugs you might meet along the way – but we really hope that it help writers get off the starting blocks and write. So how does it work?

First off, we don’t tell you what to write – that’s up to you – but we will give you the support, motivation and structure to continue.

We ask you to tell us your writing goal for the week and then set a first step towards meeting that goal – there are five steps in total.

We give you a 24-hour deadline to ‘track’ and tell us your progress on each step –and every time you track, we email you with a new ‘secret’ of writing productivity – all backed by behaviour change science.

Because we know that writing consecutively every day is tough, we give you two writing ‘lives’ to use – or two days off. However, if you use both your lives, you’re off the challenge. Sorry, no excuses!

We’ve already run the challenge as an email MVP with 40 participants so we know that the challenge works – when writers stick with it. We’ve seen people finish projects, submit short stories and grow in confidence – over just five days.

If you’re interested in taking part, find out more here or just send Chris an email at beprolifiko@gmail.com and we’ll add you to the wait list.


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