Call for Articles on Storytelling in Immersive Media

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The Writing Platform is commissioning articles of approx 750 to 2,000 words on all aspects of storytelling through new forms of narrative delivery and audience interaction in immersive media. We want to understand the role of emerging technologies in developing new forms of experiential storytelling and audience engagement, from digital fiction, audio and performance through to film, games and other immersive media technologies. 

In addition, as a development of our long-term focus on text on screens, we are  looking for writers, researchers and practitioners interested in, for example, textual storytelling in the metaverse, 3D typography in VR, textual experiments in AR and live performances that make use of text. While text as a navigation aid has always been present in games, we’re interested in innovative uses of text in games and gaming environments. 

As always, our attention is on storytelling and poetry and we are interested in experimentation, personalisation and playfulness with form and content as well as technological innovation. We welcome articles with an international focus.

Your proposed article might fit into one of the following categories; 

Resource: for example, a how-to guide

Research: for example, a paper, article or overview of a research project from an academic or practitioner perspective

Experience: for example, an account of a storytelling experience that you have experienced or developed

News: for example, highlighting a new project or opportunity in the field that our readers might not have heard of before

Projects: for example, a reflection on a project that you have developed or one that you have been inspired by 

We are looking for 750 – 2,000 word articles, including 2 to 3 images. We have a small commissioning fund of £100 per article for freelancers. 

To propose an article, email Amy Spencer ( with a 100 word overview of your idea and tell us which category or categories it would best fit into. 

We have a rolling deadline for submissions and would advise you getting in touch ASAP to discuss your proposed article. 

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