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Navigating the ‘digital turn’: on writing, resilience and joy

Reading Time: 5 minutes The ‘digital turn’ brings opportunities and challenges for creative writers. One of the few things we can be sure of is ongoing change. This article is about how to navigate that change. New technologies and corresponding new genres emerge apace, social media platforms and conventions morph and mutate. We can get caught out. We can’t… Read more »

Data Driven Creativity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Collecting and analysing the data we generate every day—whether it’s how much we exercise, changes in our heart rate, even how much we use our devices—have become indispensable tools to improve health and wellbeing. Can a similar approach to other data we generate—say when we write—bring benefits to our creative lives? Prolifiko has just launched… Read more »

Making and Motivation: MIX 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have set myself a challenge: I am giving myself precisely three-quarters-of-an-hour to write this piece, after which I will post it. I will not ‘sit on it’, or ‘sleep on it’ and – save for major factual error or (unintended) offense – I will not ‘tweak’ it after it has gone up, which is… Read more »

Making Day for Writers at MIX 2013

Reading Time: 6 minutes A day of experimentation, collaboration and play for writers looking to learn new skills and develop their creative practice. The Making Day consists of showcases and hands on experimentation for writers, artists and academics interested in learning new skills to help them extend their creative practice. The key themes of the day are: tackling the creative process,… Read more »