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After the Storm
by Andrew Beck Grace

A beautiful example of online documentary, After the Storm recounts Andrew Grace’s first-hand experience with a vicious tornado that ripped through his hometown in Alabama. Its slick production courtesy of Moon Winx Films and Helios Design Labs pushes the boundaries of HTML5, layering text, video, images, and maps. But the power of this piece is in the heartfelt and reflective text, addressed to a ‘future disaster survivor’.

Most of the ‘interactivity’ here is of the simple scrolling-through variety and the writing is presented not as text, but rather is spoken by a narrator (presumably the author). Like many online documentaries, After the Storm might be considered simply a film posted online if not for its use of pagination, which allows the ‘reader’ to control the pace and flow of the narrative.

After the Storm was completed in 2015, making it positively ancient in internet terms. Not only is it gratifying to see the piece still online and functional in 2018, but also that its technology and design supporting the story is yet to feel dated.

After the Storm is available to experience online.

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