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Nearlyology: Making a Transmedia Novel in a Transmedia Way

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Beyond the middle of the journey of life what we’ve done and nearly done begin to blur. Far more things nearly happen than happen … The universe is held together by the dust of human kind’s nearlyincidence. So says The Nearlyologist Manifesto. I’m a nearlywriter, making a transmedia novel in a transmedia way, nearly a book… Read more »

5 Examples of Transmedia Storytelling and Activism

Donna Hancox

Reading Time: 5 minutes At the start of the year our Australian Project Editor, Donna Hancox, wrote a piece for us on Transmedia Storytelling and Social Change; describing how digital technology has provided certain communities and activists with the means to quickly create and widely disseminate stories. To follow on from this she has written up 5 examples of this… Read more »

Richard House on the Digital Development of The Kills

Richard House

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s a little tricky trying to recall just how ‘The Kills‘ developed. The books were pitched as a series of inter-related novels, and in the first discussion with publisher Paul Baggaley and editor Kris Doyle, it became obvious that Picador, if they took on the project, would want to do more than publish the novel… Read more »

Amplified Activism: Transmedia Storytelling and Social Change

Reading Time: 4 minutes The avenues through which communities and community organisations raise awareness about the issues they face and how they agitate for change have developed rapidly in the past ten years; and digital technology has provided community activists with the means to quickly create and widely disseminate stories.  Perhaps the most influential and wide reaching of recent… Read more »

Bath Spa PHD Studentships in Digital Creative Writing

The Writing Platform Team

Reading Time: < 1 minute PhD Studentships for practice-based digital creative writing, writing for games, and transmedia at Bath Spa University Bath Spa University has a very strong creative writing PhD programme (both campus based and low residency).  With the Sept 2012 professorial appointments of Kate Pullinger and Naomi Alderman, the university is rapidly increasing the presence of digital literature,… Read more »

Crossing Continents With Transmedia

Barry Nugent

Reading Time: 4 minutes The first time someone mentioned the term transmedia to me I was already collaborating with four project teams. We were working to produce a comic anthology centered on my urban fantasy novel Fallen Heroes. I was also co-writing the first episode of an audio drama spin off. The name I gave to this transmedia project… Read more »