Call for Articles on Augmented and Virtual Reality Storytelling

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The Writing Platform is looking to commission articles of approx 750 to 2,000 words on creating stories with augmented and virtual reality technologies. This might include the use of AR and VR in fiction and non-fiction literature, journalism, theatre, movies, and games as well as articles that explore AR and VR as tools to promote existing works or as alternatives for live social events (e.g. face-to-face meetings with authors). 

We are looking for papers that examine forms such as: AR stories in which you become one of the protagonists (e.g. Wonderscope), VR experiences in which spoken and written word plays an important role (e.g.The Chalk Room) or VR poetry and VR experiences that blend spoken poetry with dance (e.g. VR Nightsss), AR books and comics (e.g. Modern Polaxis), VR theatre and opera (e.g. The Under Presents: The Tempest), performances that blend VR with interaction between the performer and spectator (e.g. Draw Me Close), holographic theatre (e.g. Chronicle Of Light Year) and live augmented reality glasses performances (e.g. Verrat der Bilder), as well as AR and VR games (e.g. Pokémon Go! or Virtual Virtual Reality). We are also interested in articles on VR experiences that can be used for therapeutic purposes (e.g The Wayback), VR and AR documentaries (e.g. The Waiting Room), VR and AR literary adaptations (e.g. Metamorphosis VR) or VR literary archives (e.g. Digital Fiction Curios), and many more. 

We are interested in the ways in which technologies can produce new forms of storytelling and are also keen to receive articles focusing on expanding and diversifying audiences for immersive storytelling experiences as well as on the ethics of using new technologies and platforms in storytelling. 

The deadline for submission of proposals and ideas for articles has been extended to 1st November 2021Articles will be published on The Writing Platform website late 2021/early 2022. Once your proposal is accepted we will negotiate a deadline for the full submission with you.

Your proposed article might fit into one of the following categories: 

Resource: for example, a how-to guide for practitioners about creating stories with any AR/VR tool

Research: for example, an overview of a collaborative research project on AR and VR in storytelling or an examination of the impact of using VR and AR on enhancing audience immersion 

Experience: for example, an account of a VR and AR experience that you have experienced or developed

News: for example, highlighting a new project or opportunity in the VR/AR field that our readers might not have heard of before

Projects: a case study of an especially innovative or inspiring project with impactful outcomes 

We have a small commissioning fund for freelancers (£100 per article).

To propose an article, email Agnieszka Przybyszewska ( with a 100 word overview of your idea and tell us which category or categories it would best fit into. 

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