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Five Things I Learned from Episodic

Reading Time: 3 minutes There were a lot of things to like about the Episodic conference that took place in London in October. Run by the Storythings team, it featured a range of interesting speakers working in podcasts, games, comics, and TV, an engaging host in Anna Higgs, and a lovely, friendly audience. I hope they do another one…. Read more »

Lilian’s Spell Book – My Wattpad Novel

Reading Time: 8 minutes I have tried again and again to become another person. I have spent years trying to think my way into different people’s heads, language, rhythms. These people have sometimes been real people. More often they have been narrators and characters. Sometimes, though, they have been writers – writers I tried to be. One was the… Read more »

Everyday Stories and Creativity: Regional Queensland and Transformative Technology


Reading Time: 3 minutes Australia is a big country. Queensland is a big state in a big country, one that is particularly geographically dispersed and politically fractured. It is also home to some of the poorest areas in Australia that experience many barriers to accessing for arts and cultural activities.  Government regional arts programs have the potential to develop and… Read more »

WALLPAPER: Uncovering Digital Fiction

Reading Time: 8 minutes WALLPAPER is an atmospheric and interactive work of short fiction written and created by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston. It premiered as an installation at Bank Street Arts gallery in Sheffield – the first time a work of digital fiction has been developed specifically for a gallery space. We spoke with Andy and Judi about the inspiration… Read more »

Story Above All Else: Story+ 2014

Reading Time: 3 minutes Story+ is a two-day event at Brisbane Writers Festival which explores the intersection of story, narrative, technology and design. This year the one theme that consistently emerged from the discussions, panels and workshops was that story towers above all mediums. As Portal Entertainment’s Mike Jones explained in his keynote, no technology has ever changed what… Read more »

Nearlyology: Making a Transmedia Novel in a Transmedia Way

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Beyond the middle of the journey of life what we’ve done and nearly done begin to blur. Far more things nearly happen than happen … The universe is held together by the dust of human kind’s nearlyincidence. So says The Nearlyologist Manifesto. I’m a nearlywriter, making a transmedia novel in a transmedia way, nearly a book… Read more »