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The Fantastia Express

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is an article about an augmented reality practice-based research project, The Fantasia Express, commissioned by the UK Department for Transport through an InnovateUK competition. And about how a non-writer tried to create a story around a train journey from London to Edinburgh. I am an artist who specialises in technology-driven public realm work that… Read more »

Reading on a Revolving Path

Reading Time: 5 minutes I set out to make ‘A dictionary of the revolution’ in 2013. I planned to record conversations with different people, asking them to define words I heard people using to talk about politics in Egypt. Then I’d use transcriptions of their speech to create entries in a subversive ‘dictionary’ that tries to represent language as… Read more »

Four Rules for Sandwriting

Reading Time: 8 minutes There is sand in the motors and in the corners of my eyes. The few notes I’ve made are smudged with rain and when my fingers become too cold, I sacrifice writing for the shelter of my coat pockets. For the last few months I’ve been writing on, into and with the muddy sands of… Read more »

Rupture: An Experiment with Born-Digital Prose

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I first began writing my short story ‘Rupture’, I didn’t intend to work with artists I’d never met to produce a piece incorporating animated visuals and sound; this collaborative process came about as the project evolved. Initially, I had the fundamental elements of a primarily print-based work: I tapped into an omniscient narrator who… Read more »

The Digital Journey of RadioBook Rwanda

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Reading Time: 9 minutes In the run up to the launch of RadioBook Rwanda in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, the three young creatives behind the international publishing project reflect on the digital journey of their new imprint.               RadioBook Rwanda is a multimedia literary imprint showcasing creative voices from Rwanda and East Africa. It’s… Read more »

Please touch this…

Reading Time: 8 minutes   This article has been adapted from a talk delivered at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol (26/10/18), as part of the Friday lunchtime open talk series. This book was written in an urge to remember, reflect, mourn, overthink, celebrate, and seek meaning in the transparent, or otherwise irrational dynamics of human relationships; while extending… Read more »

Next Generation Paper

Reading Time: 9 minutes Despite the rise of digital devices and associated media, paper does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. In fact, most print-based documents, including books, tend to be used alongside digital devices, in educational (i.e. textbooks and laptops) and leisure (i.e. guidebooks and smartphones) contexts for example. The Next Generation Paper Project (NGP) is a… Read more »

Online learning, offline: Fiction writing learning circles at Boston Public Library


Reading Time: 4 minutes Too often, education programs are expensive, hierarchical, lonely, and not particularly relevant to what people want to learn. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In 2009, Peer 2 Peer University was founded as a non-profit organization with the aim of creating empowering and fun learning experiences online. For five years, P2PU helped organizations… Read more »

The Challenges of HayleyWorld

Reading Time: 7 minutes Back in the late 1990s, I started trying to write a biography of William Hayley (1745-1820), man of letters, amateur doctor and champion of women’s writing, and someone whose private life was, shall we say, interesting. I tried to write his biography, but although there was a fascinating tale (many fascinating tales) to draw out,… Read more »