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Leaving Space at the Table

Reading Time: 5 minutes Democracy is starting to feel uncomfortable. In 2016, we saw the rise of the ‘silent majority’ with Trump, Brexit, and the return of One Nation. In the most recent Australian election, all of our polling was proven wrong with another surprise victory going to the major right-wing party. It doesn’t matter how often this same… Read more »

The Fantastia Express

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is an article about an augmented reality practice-based research project, The Fantasia Express, commissioned by the UK Department for Transport through an InnovateUK competition. And about how a non-writer tried to create a story around a train journey from London to Edinburgh. I am an artist who specialises in technology-driven public realm work that… Read more »

Sound, Fury, and Consistency: Writing Recombinant Fiction

Reading Time: 11 minutes Multiple recent digital narrative works utilise recombinant poetics. Yet such an approach to fiction is not dependent on code. Multiple examples predate the computer. In Electronic Literature (2019), Scott Rettberg argues that the study of digital literature ‘not only takes us forward to explore new horizons but also on a retrospective journey that can lead… Read more »

Dare to Write? Atlas

Joanna Nissel

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, creative writing incubator Paper Nations launches the Dare to Write? Atlas, the latest portal on their creative writing platform, Dare to Write?. The Atlas is designed to help writers to connect to their writing community in the UK by enabling them to discover the brilliant editors, publishers, writers, bookshops, festivals, organisations, and events (and… Read more »

Who owns digital stories?

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is an abridged version of a keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019 With the increasing convergence between creative industries and artificial intelligence, there is an emerging misunderstanding of how the tech world sees creativity, and this is important for publishers, authors and the broader creative industries. To frame this, it is important… Read more »

Reading on a Revolving Path

Reading Time: 5 minutes I set out to make ‘A dictionary of the revolution’ in 2013. I planned to record conversations with different people, asking them to define words I heard people using to talk about politics in Egypt. Then I’d use transcriptions of their speech to create entries in a subversive ‘dictionary’ that tries to represent language as… Read more »

Calling Digital Writers: The Beyond the Book Commission

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Is the smartphone – always with us, always on – the perfect reading device?” – Kate Pullinger (Writer and Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media at Bath Spa University) The newly launched Beyond the Book commission is for digital writers with a connection to the South West of England who want to answer this question. Developed by… Read more »

Four Rules for Sandwriting

Reading Time: 8 minutes There is sand in the motors and in the corners of my eyes. The few notes I’ve made are smudged with rain and when my fingers become too cold, I sacrifice writing for the shelter of my coat pockets. For the last few months I’ve been writing on, into and with the muddy sands of… Read more »

Rupture: An Experiment with Born-Digital Prose

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I first began writing my short story ‘Rupture’, I didn’t intend to work with artists I’d never met to produce a piece incorporating animated visuals and sound; this collaborative process came about as the project evolved. Initially, I had the fundamental elements of a primarily print-based work: I tapped into an omniscient narrator who… Read more »